Holistic care delivered with compassion - supporting families with Dementia

About Us

Working full time and caring for her mother with dementia had left her exhausted. “I just feel so overwhelmed,” she said. “I’m tired. I feel guilty – and I just need a break.” She was depressed, resenting the decline in her own quality of life as connections to family, work and friends became a distant memory.


As professional nurses for decades, we saw this situation again and again. Dementia doesn’t just harm one person. It can quickly overwhelm and undermine entire families. Family members who step up out of a sense of duty to be the primary caregiver quickly find they are outmatched – and the problem is only getting worse. One in 11 Canadians suffers from Alzheimer’s or a related form of dementia. In the near future, as many as half of all Canadian families could be facing this disease.

Families need help now – and that’s why we’re here. We’re not just here to care for patients with dementia. Live@HomeCare – we’re caregivers for the caregiver.